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Seniors Exempt From Finals

Seniors are exempt from finals if they meet this criteria:


  1. The 80% passing grade is based on the semester grade.  It is up to the teacher to communicate to the Senior that they have the option to exempt if they have met the 80% grade plus the 90% attendance.


  1. The 90% attendance list will be pulled on the first Friday of December (and for 2ndsemester the first Friday of May).  This list will be sent to all teachers with the expectation that they notify the students on the list; the list will also be posted for Seniors to verify.


  1. In the best interest for both teachers and students, this attendance list that will not change (even if a student has further absences or improves his/her attendance above 90% by the end of the semester)**.


**The 90% is based on full day absences which includes any time a student is not present in class except for field trips.  A student appearing on the 90% Attendance List but missed 8 days of your class (your specific class) will need to take the final for their class."  


Please contact Mr. Clark with any questions.

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