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Hello, my name is Mrs. Golding. I am delighted and feel so welcomed to be part of the DDE family. I am also so honored to be your Business Education teacher serving the Blue Island and surrounding communities. I am the kind of teacher that promotes excellence in the classroom. I am also aware that everyone’s “excellence” may not look the same. I foster a classroom environment that is safe, connected and engaging. I feel that I am a fair teacher when it comes to discipline. I try my very best to create lessons that are engaging and fun, but I always welcome positive input from my students.
A little about me, I am originally from the Pelican State. Yep you guessed it, Louisiana. I have over 10 years experience working in the education field in various business positions such as Technology Coordinator, Business Manager and as a Business Teacher. It was during my my adolescent years that I fell in love with technology and during my graduate school journey I fell in love with working in the education field. I love helping and serving others, for helping and teaching is a natural calling of mine. It is my goal to continue to build a working professional relationship with my students, parents, and build local community partnerships that give our students exposure to the real world after high school. 
Mrs. Golding

Mrs. Golding at New Teacher Orientation

 Education Background:

 Bachelors from Louisiana State University in Business Administration
 MS in Management of Information Systems from Southern University in  New Orleans
 1st Semester:
 Keyboarding (3 sections)
 Introduction to Business (2 sections)
2nd Semester:
Computer Concepts 
Business Law
Introduction to Business (2 sections)