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2020-21 School Year

BA in the Teaching of English
University of Illinois at Chicago 
I am very excited to share that this is my first year teaching at DDE! I completed a medical leave last year at Richards High School and I'm very grateful to continue my career in CHSD 218. I want to make sure that all my students and their parents know that I am aware that the current climate of the world calls for flexibility and understanding. School will be very different for all of us this year and I am looking forward to navigating this new world with my students. Feel free to reach out with any questions, concerns, or to say hi! I can't wait to meet everyone! 
"Meet the Teacher" Night Videos
Contact Information:
The best way to get in touch with me is via email at
You can also call or text me through my Google Voice phone number: (708) 634-8826.

Google Classroom Codes:

Please see the grid below to find the class code for the class you or your student is assigned to. I will be using Google Classroom for all announcements, assignments, and communication unless otherwise stated. Virtual Instruction links for Zoom will be shared on Google Classroom as well.

Class Title

Google Classroom Code 

English 1 - Period 1


English 1 - Period 2


English 1 - Period 3


Literacy Workshop - Period 6


Literacy Workshop - Period 7

Office Hours: Every Wednesday
1pm - 2pm: Student engagement time (I will reach out to students and parents regarding academics and attendance) 
2pm - 3:15pm: English 1 & Lit Workshop (Schedule an appointment or drop into my classroom using the link below)