Course Selection

Students will soon be meeting one on one with their counselor to finalize their course requests for next school year.  To help make the best decisions regarding coursework, please refer to:
Parents can assist by sharing their own career path and encouraging students to talk to other family members or professionals about their career paths. In addition, research is imperative because the world of work is constantly changing and our students will need the resources to help them design their own individual path.  During the month of May, please review course selections with your student.
Important Dates
November Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior Advisory meetings with Counselors to enter course/career interests in Naviance
December Elective Presentations during Freshman Advisory
January Counselors will meet with students individually to help them finalize their 2019-2020 Course Selections. All applications and documents must be turned in to Counseling by Friday, February 1, 2019 (ie. Jr. Leadership applications, Senior Work Program applications, Independent Study Forms.)
March & April Students and parents are able to view future courses entered into Skyward by looking in the Graduation Requirements screen.  This is the time when the Master Schedule is planned and no requests for changes can be made. 
May Students who have changed their minds about courses for next year may request to see their counselor.  Every effort will be made to make the requested changes if there are seats available. It is very important to make wise and thoughtful choices in January so that the district can plan enough seats in requested courses. If goals and interests change, this is the final time to meet with their counselor to discuss possible changes. 
Course Information
Please see the information below to learn more about our course offerings for next year.  Students will receive information regarding new courses, advanced placement classes, and dual credit opportunities.