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Dana Heslin


Hello, and welcome to English 1 and English 1 Honors. I am excited to teach your student this year! The information below will help you to understand the expectations for this course. Please feel free to contact me at any time; contact information follows.

English 1/ English 1 Honors is a one-credit, two-semester course that is required for graduation. Students will not receive a text book;  sets of books/novels are available for use in class.
Students should bring their charged iPads and a pair of earbuds/headphones daily. Students need to keep their work organized (the iPads will often serve this purpose).

Students will have notice of test/essay due dates ahead of time. The grading system is weighted and the common unit assessments—CUAs—weigh the heaviest (see grade breakdown below). Since students will have ample notice of test/essay due dates; they are expected to make up missed tests within two days of returning to school.

Cell phones are to be turned off and put away during class. The iPads will remain closed during class except when they are being used as part of an assignment. iPads are not to be used during class time for anything but class work; use of iPad during class for anything other than assignments will result in an automatic referral. 

Following is a brief to-do list that will help the year flow smoothly:
 Come prepared (this includes bringing a charged iPad with earbuds as well as pens/pencils)
 Keep work organized
 Check Skyward daily to find updated grades as well as Google Classroom for new assignments.
 Promptly make up any missing assignments
 If you miss a test/essay deadline, you will be expected to take it/ hand in within two days of returning to school (you will know the due dates in advance)

You can contact me anytime by e-mail at  dana.heslin@chsd218.org  
You can also leave a voicemail at 708-597-6300 ext. 4065.

District Grading Policy
Semester Grade Weights
o 65% Common Unit Assessments and/or other major assessments or tests
o 20% Other assessments (e.g., quizzes, labs, essays, portfolios, performances)
o 15% Practice (e.g., homework and class assignments)

Report card grade breakdown
Semester Grade (80%) + Final Exam (20%) = Final Grade (100%)

Parents, remember to check your student’s progress through Skyward; you can access it through the school's website. 

Educational Background: B.A. in English from  Illinois State University; M.S. in Teaching and Learning from University of St. Francis
Classes taught at DDE: English 1/ English 1 Honors
Grading policy: My grading policy follows district policy (see General Information above)
Retake policy: Any student who requests a retake will be offered an opportunity. Students will be required to attend a tutoring clinic to be offered after school; the clinic date(s) will be determined based on the original test date. However, these events will take place in a reasonable time frame (within one week of the test). The retake will be offered at a separate date and time.