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Welcome to English with Mrs. Thompkins! - 2ND SEMESTER!!!

Hello scholars and parents/guardians!
Welcome to the 2020-2021 year of one of the most exciting, yet challenging times in our lives. While we have been presented with a unique opportunity of teaching and learning remotely, I am confident that we will exceed our limitations beyond a level that we could never foresee ourselves growing to and will breakthrough any obstacles, together. With that being said, I'm ecstatic to begin my 13th year of teaching English with all of you.
Below, you will find my schedule, along with necessary class codes, to stay connected and be successful in English 3 and/or Graphic Novels. All assignments and communication will be done through Google Classroom. However, please do not hesitate to email me with any questions as well.
**Remember: "There is no elevator in success. You have to take the stairs."  And trust me, we are all taking the stairs together. 

Class Periods

Google Classroom Links 

NoRedInk Links

1st Period - Plan
2nd Period - English 3 link link
3rd Period - Plan X X
4th Period - English 3 link link
5th Period - Lunch X X
6th Period - Graphic Novels link link
7th Period - English 3
link link
8th Period - English 3

Zoom Guidelines

Let’s make the most of our virtual time together!!!



  • Students are expected to be on time to the scheduled Zoom meetings. Students are expected to wait in the ‘Waiting Room’ until the teacher admits each student. During your wait time, test your wifi, video and audio before entering.
  • Students must show their faces during the meeting. An option to create a virtual background is highly encouraged.
  • Students must log in with their actual names, not nicknames.
  • Mute yourself unless the teacher is talking to you. Focus on the instructor. If you have a question, ask in the chat or “raise your hand.”
  • Students are expected to remain active for the duration of the class time, focused on classwork in the chat. This zoom feature is a supportive place to ask questions and share ideas. Keep comments kind, positive, and polite.
  • Take notes as you would if you were in class. Remember, this IS our classroom for now. Let’s treat the time we have together (regardless of the location) with respect, responsibility, and maturity.
  • Work that is due at the end of the zoom meeting period must be submitted prior to logging off or it will be considered late. 
  • Ensure your workspace is clean, quiet, and free from distractions.

English 3 & Graphic Novels

Course Descriptions

English 3

This course is a student-centered learning environment where students analyze text and images, cite evidence, and respond critically about their learning. Students will take ownership of their learning through goal-setting, reflection, independent text selection, and activities that allow students to collaborate with their peers. Additionally, students will review standard English grammar, usage, and mechanics using NoRedInk; review and reinforce the writing process; practice a variety of writing modes; and continue the development of vocabulary skills.

"Meet the Teacher" Loom Video for English 3



Graphic Novels - Combating Misconceptions

Comics and graphic novels, or sequential art, are complex works of both art and literature that particularly engage with popular culture, and are certainly not just for kids anymore. The form of the graphic novel, which developed out of comics, has forced many critics to rethink the position that comics are less complex, less culturally relevant, and of less value than "real" literature. This is a HUGE misconception as comics can be just as challenging -- if not harder -- to interpret, based on the in-depth, visual details.

"Meet the Teacher" Loom Video for Graphic Novels



To be prepared for class, you will need the following items daily whether in-person or remote:

  • Notebook for taking notes and a planner📓
  • Writing Utensil 🖊
  • Charged iPad💻
  • Good Vibes🌟


 CHSD 218 Grading Scale:

A 100 - 90

B   89 - 80

C 79 - 70

D 69-60

F 59 – 0


*This class adheres to the NEW district grading policy of 40% CUAs, 40% quizzes, 20% homework.



  • NoRedInk requirements: We will cover a range of SAT skills and passages throughout the school year. Students will use this platform as additional practice to best prepare for the grammar and writing section on the SAT. This is tool is available by the district to increase students' performance.



  • Homework is mandatory; it is not a suggestion. Homework is done in preparation for the course assessments and is expected to be completed on time. During remote learning, the expectations for homework remain the same. If homework is not done on time, student will lack the tools necessary to perform at their best on assessments and will likely fall behind.



  • During Remote Learning, students are expected to maintain integrity on all assessments. Any student(s) found cheating, will receive a zero for the assessment and a referral will be written for academic dishonesty. Students who complete their common unit assessments on time will always have the opportunity for revision. Those who submit assessments late, will not.
Contact Information
Office Phone: 708.597.6300 x4061
GooglVoice: 708.653.0240


After-school English 3 & 4 Zootering

Online Tutoring - Every Wednesday