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Susan Hodges

I received my BS from Northern Illinois University in 1983. I received my Masters in Education from UIC. I taught at Tinley Central Middle School in Tinley Park for 9 years. I was the Inclusion Specialist there.Presently I am in the special education department at Eisenhower High School. I am presently starting my 20th year. This year I teach e classes of Core Physical Science and Science in the BUILD department.  I continue to enjoy my time at Eisenhower and believe we are an excellant school with wonderful students.
Retake Policy
I do allow retakes for major unit exams. The student must ask for a retake. I do not assume they want one.  The retakes are read to the student always. Students are instructed  to retake during their lunch time so they do not lose class time. They can also make arrangements to come after school. When a student is absent and misses class work, they are to check the classroom folder to get their work. This is their responsibility. The due date is at the top of the worksheet. Once the unit test has been taken, no late work for that unit will be accepted.
Here is my class schedule with Google Classroom codes for the 2020/2021 school year.
2nd period - Physical Science - hq4serl
3rd period Physical Science - 3j3tdqg
4th period BUILD - shkxczw
5th  period Physical Science - qvhrwxt
My classroom expectations for Remote Learning/Blended learning are that each student attends their class daily. All students will be held accountable for the material presented and complete all work assigned. Grades will be based on work handed in, participation of class whether in school or on Zoom, and exams. i will gladly work with any individual who is struggling, all you need to do is ask.