Eisenhower High School

Ms. Gladys Márquez - Teacher and DDE Latin Explosion/Bilingual Club Coach

Greetings Students and Families,
I am very excited to meet each and every one of you. I'd like to share a little about myself. I was born and raised in Blue Island and have been teaching for over 20+ years in schools across our community. I am a native Spanish speaker and have a wealth of knowledge to share with my students. I love our community and look forward to meeting you very soon.
Here is a breakdown of the 2020-2021 schedule.
Classes Period Google Code Time
English ELL 3 1st  (Block) ivb6n3c 10:00 - 10:37
Drivers Education ELL 2nd  a3lsplx 10:40 - 10:17
Lunch 3rd   11:20-11:57
English ELL 2 4th (Block) uswf2kz 12:00 - 12:37
English ELL 2 5th (Block) uswf2kz 12:40 - 1:17
Plan 6th   1:20-1:57
PLP 7th   2:00 - 2:37
English ELL 3 8th (Block) ivb6n3c 2:40-3:15
Meet the Teacher (LOOM)
Meet the Teacher Night Zoom Code
Feel free to contact via phone 708-597-6300 ext.4012 or Google Voice at 708-824-8160. You can also email me at [email protected].
Office Hours (exact hours to be determined)
I will be hosting virtual conferences with parents via the following Zoom link.
Please contact me to schedule a date and time


Two clubs have come together to form a stronger more unified vision of what multiculturalism, commitment, and self discipline means.


Our mission to work collaboratively to help promote the appreciation of the Hispanic culture via dance, celebration of customs and heritage, and the appreciation of cultural beliefs via variety curricular and curricular and extracurricular activities.

Meeting Dates and Times