Dwight D. Eisenhower High School

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Jim Hart

Courses that I teach:
Advanced Placement Studio Art
Honors Studio Art
Digital Photography 1 &2
Introduction to Art
My grading policy is as follows;
A     92-100 
B     82-91 
C     72-81 
D     65-72 
My retake policy is as follows.  If a student misses a due date they may turn in late work one week after the due date for a point deduction.  Assignments that are two weeks late will result in further point deduction.  Any student seeking a further extension must speak to me at the time the assignments are due.  
Students seeking to improve their grade may speak to me about resubmitting an assignment based on teacher feedback and project criticism.    
Please feel free to contact me anytime
Jim Hart
708-597-6300 ex 6300