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Tony Dinolfo

Contact Information

Google Voice Text or Call: ‪(708) 986-1865‬

Southern Illinois University- B.A. English
Saint Xavier University- M.A. Special Education
Concordia University- M.A. Educational Leadership
Modern English Core
Occupational Essentials
Grading Policy

Your final grade will reflect your mastery of the skills learned throughout the whole semester.  This will come from many places.  Your common assessments, quizzes, tests, essays, homework, in-class work, and final exam will all be a major component of your grade.  Most of your work will be completed in class.  However, when you receive homework, it is there to help you be on track with the rest of the class.  All homework is designed to assist students in moving toward mastery of the reading, writing and grammar skills being taught, so please take homework seriously.  You will never have “busy work” that will not help you succeed in class and in real life. 


 Remote Learning Grading Breakdown:

Major Unit Assessments


Other Assessments





Major Unit Assessments:

This includes Common Unit Assessments and/or other Major Unit Assessments, Essays, or Tests.

 Other Assessments:

Quizzes, portfolios, performance assessments, essays.


Assessments may be redone IF the following criteria are met:

  1.     Teacher-student conference is utilized to arrange re-teaching and re-testing.    
  2.     The new due date is determined by the teacher, AND the work is completed prior to one week before the end of the grading period.

*    Remember, all opportunities for redoing work are at teacher discretion.