Dwight D. Eisenhower High School

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Amy Van Syckle


Concordia University-Masters in Leadership and Administration

Illinois State University-Bachelors of Science in Family and Consumer Sciences Education.



1st period: Child Care room 128

2nd period: Professional Learning Period

3rd period: Child Care room 320

4th Period: Supervision/Lunch

5th period: Foods and Nutrition room 124

6th period: Intro to FACS room 128

7th period: Intro to FACS room 128

8th period: Plan period


District Grading Policy

•65% Common Unit Assessments and/or Other Major Unit Assessments or Tests

•20% Other Assessments (i.e. quizzes, labs, essays, portfolios, performances)

•15% Practice (i.e. homework, class assignments)


Retake Policy

Students must retake tests prior to the next common unit assessment, the date to be completed by will be determined by the teacher. The student must seek out the teacher and schedule the retake with them. To retake the test, the student must complete all the work as instructed by the teacher, as well as the retake request form. The retake may take on a different form than the original test as determined by the teacher. For example, a lab practical may become a written test. The higher grade between the original test and the retake will prevail.