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Amy Van Syckle

This is my 12th year teaching Family and Consumer Sciences at Eisenhower High School.  I currently teach Intro to FACS, Foods and Nutrition, and Advanced Foods and Nutrition.  In addition, I am the sponsor of Fashion Club. I have my Master's Degree in Leadership and Administration from Concordia University.  I graduated from Illinois State University with a Bachelors of Science in Family and Consumer Sciences Education.  


Period Class Google Classroom Code
1 Intro to FACS wzamlhh
2 Advanced Foods and Nutrition r2j4axs
3 PLP  
4 Lunch  
5 Intro to FACS zibsn7b
6 Advanced Foods & Nutrition 7wla4q4
7 Advanced Foods & Nutrition mn5dcq4
8 Plan  


Contact Information

Mrs. Amy Van Syckle

Google Voice: (708) 824-8434 


District Grading Policy

•40% Common Unit Assessments and/or Other Major Unit Assessments or Tests

•40% Other Assessments (i.e. quizzes, labs, essays, portfolios, performances)

•20% Practice (i.e. class assignments)


Office Hours

Wednesdays 1-3:15pm



  • Phone calls home
  • Accepting phone calls through Google Voice
  • Intro to FACS 2:00-2:40 pm
  • Foods and Nutrition 2:40-3:15pm 
Meet the Teacher Information
Foods and Nutrition Loom Link
Introduction to FACS Loom Link