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Meghan Havlik

Contact Information:
Google Voice (call or text): 708-529-9584
Teaching Schedule:
                                                                                 Google Classroom Code
1st period:          Algebra 2                                                5vjq5a2
2nd period:         Geometry                                               xo5e3bv
3rd period:          Plan Period
4th period:          Lunch
5th period:          Plan Period
6th period:          Algebra 2                                                 2pp57vi
7th period:          Geometry                                                 lrjdhxk
8th period:          Geometry                                                 ilcqio7
Office Hours  
from       1pm until 1:45pm        as well as from         2:40 until 3:15pm
Educational Background:
  • High School Diploma from Maine South High School
  • Bachelors Degree from Augustana College
  • Masters Degree from Saint Xavier University
  • Masters Degree from American College of Education
Classes I have taught:
  • Geometry
  • Geometry in CAD/Construction
  • Algebra 2

Grading Policy

            Grading Scale               Semester Average                                   Semester Grades

            100 – 90     A                  40% - Common Unit Tests                       Semester Average – 80%

            89 – 80       B                  40% - Quizzes and other assessments                       

            79 – 70       C                  20% - Practice                                          Semester Exam– 20%

            69 – 60       D                         

            Below 60    F                                                                                     


Retake Policy  

Students will be allowed to take retakes for any Common Unit Assessment.  Students will have to complete a review and get tutoring.  The retake should occur within 2 weeks of getting the test results.  Students are responsible for letting me know if they are going to take advantage of this opportunity so we can set up times for your tutoring.