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Mrs. Kathleen McSweeney

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year.
While this year has us interacting with one another in an unconventional way please be assured that I have prepared an amazing Chemistry experience for my students. Also, please know that I am aware of the challenges that our students will face as they learn in this digital format. I promise to provide them with as much support and information as possible. Google Classroom will be an invaluable resource to them. 
This is my 18th year teaching in District 218 and at Eisenhower High School. I student taught at Richards High School while earning my Masters Degree from DePaul Univeristy. I have an undergraduate degree in Biology and Biochemistry from Augustana College and worked as a chemist before chosing to become a teacher. I have been a science geek my entire life and chemistry has always been my favorite and most challenging subject. 
I look forward to a year filled with new discoveries and relationships. I do plan to be in the classroom so that I can not only provide a classroom feel for students but this will also allow me to demonstrate chemical activities that will enhance the learning process and hopefully make chemistry more relevant for them. 
The following information provides my schedule for the day and the Google Classroom Codes students will need for this school year. Parents, please feel free to join the Classroom as well. As a parent of a former high school student I found
it very useful to do this myself to help my teen stay on track and so I could better understand what was going on in her classes. 
Period Class Google Classroom Code
1 PLP  
2 Chemistry ww2ukmo
3 Honors Chemistry rvy2t46
4 Honors Chemistry hdzvmxx
5 Lunch  
6 Plan  
7 Chemistry dzfz3vu
8 Chemistry jsl3btq
Class Expectations and Syllabus:
As with every year, each semester brings challenges that both students and teachers do not anticipate. For that reason, each semester I recreate my class expectations to best meet the needs of my current students. The current class expectations information sheet is posted on the Google Classroom page for each of my classes. It will always be located at the top of the Classwork tab so that it is easy to find and refernce if students or parents have any questions regarding class policies. 
If you need/wish to contact me for any reason, please do not hesitate. For fastest response email is best.
However, I do believe that a person-to-person conversation is sometimes needed to best answer a question or resolve a situation. Please leave me a voicemail message with your name, your students name, a contact number, and what the call is pertaining to. This information will allow me to return your call quickly and have the necessary information prepared so that we have a satisfactory conversation. Thank you.
Phone: 708-597-6300 Ext. 4382
Office Hours:
2:00 pm - 2:35 pm    Chemistry via Zoom (link posted on Google Classroom page)
2:40 pm - 3:15 pm    Honors Chemistry via Zoom (link posted on Google Classroom page)
Meet The Teacher Night Video: