Advanced Placement (AP) Information for Eisenhower High School

Thank you so much for being part of Eisenhower High School's AP program.  This website page will be updated frequently with updates about Eisenhower's AP program.  If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out at any time!


Dr. Clark and Dr. Majoch

Dr. Justin Clark

708-597-6300 ext. 4152

Dr. Malinda Majoch

708-597-6300 ext. 4530


AP BirdsNest Zoom Link

Hello DDE Parents, Guardians and Students,

We’re really excited for your participation in this year’s Virtual AP Birdnest.  A few things:

  1. Embedded in the link found below are the ZOOM links for your BirdsNest sessions.  A couple of things:

    1. If you forgot what you signed up for, please check your email because it was sent to you.

    2. Although we are asking you to go to the session you signed up for, if for some reason you are unable to make the time that you signed up for, please feel free to join another session.

  2. For each session you attend, you will need to fill out the embedded attendance form (see below).  Please keep this document’s link available, so you can use it for attendance.  Your session teacher will remind you. BirdsNest Attendance Form:

  3. If you are having tech difficulty, please contact our DDE tech team using information found below:

Eisenhower High School

708-597-6300  Ext. 4585

AP Summer Letter
The letter provided below was sent home to all 2020-21 AP students.  In it you will find information about our Summer BirdsNest Program and AP Virtual Summer Meet Ups.  Please check this page regularly for updates regarding these two programs. 
AP Content Meet-ups
Embedded in the link below is the calendar for our AP Content Summer Meet-Ups.  The main difference between the AP Summer Meet-Ups and the DDE AP BirdsNest Bootcamp is the AP Summer Meet-Ups are only for students that are taking a specific AP Class; the DDE AP BirdsNest Bootcamp is for ALL AP students regardless of which AP class you are taking (to sign up for the bootcamp, see the AP Summer Letter found above and use the QR code).  Please check the link found below to see if one of your AP classes are providing an AP Summer Meet-Up.  If your specific AP class is providing an AP Summer Meet-Up, please join that class by clicking on the Zoom link embedded in the document when the class is scheduled.  Zoom links will on the embedded document will be updated frequently.