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Welcome to the 2023-24 school year at Eisenhower High School!  My name is Matt Randich and I am a 2022 graduate from Illinois State University with a major in Math Education and a minor in Philosophy.  As a Shepard Alumni and a Crestwood native I am quite familiar with District 218 as it truly is my home.

It is my belief that each and every student has the potential to be their own mathematician.  This becomes possible when students begin to take ownership of their learning, engage in critical thinking and problem solving skills, and successfully utilize their time within my classroom.  Additionally, as these past few years through the pandemic have altered student's educational process, I intend to have them work with their fellow students to bolster their mathematical abilities and social communication skills.  It is together that students and their families will better comprehend the world of math that is all around us.

Matt Randich
Google Voice: (708)-736-1218