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What's Going On?

Click here to view the slides promotion Women's History Month! #ChooseToChallenge
Welcome back to the virtual edition of Operation Snowball! Please join our google classroom (code: lznodmt), and attend our meetings via zoom ( Meetings are after school every other Tuesday beginning October 20th.   Besides creating a safe, supportive, and fun environment for our students, we'd love your input and help in promoting positive, healthy, choices around the school and community :)
Click on this link for a brief video on the club, and please feel free to contact either co-sponsor with any questions:
Allison Foley
x4769 (google voice # 708-953-8031)
Melissa Krenkel
x4369 (google voice # 708-986-1354)
Follow us on Twitter @CHSD218Snowball (
Operation Snowball 2016's retreat, One Good Reason to Rise Above, was a huge success! Click here to watch a video of the retreat.

Want to see the retreat in action?  See below for 2017 & 2015's retreat:


Student interviews -


Small group presentations/summaries -