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Youth and Government

Club Description:
Illinois Youth and Government is co-sponsored with YMCA. We reenact all aspects of the Illinois State Government in which students can participate in the many facets of the program from legislative, judicial, media, lobbyists, legislative assistants, newspaper, and even running for a higher office. Youth and Government offers a unique, fully interactive opportunity for students to truly see how government works. They are challenged to write their own bills, argue a case and write a brief for an appellate court, or present their stances on topics in both small and large groups scenarios. We believe that democracy is learned with each generation and strive to carry on the tradition of excellence.

Youth and Government Meetings: ALL MEETINGS IN ROOM 214 on Mondays after school

The first meeting is Monday August 28. The 2023-2024 delegation will be set by September 30th. Anyone interested in joining after the September date will not be accepted for the current year due to training and registration through the YMCA organization. We are limited to 20 delegates total for this organization.

Link to Illinois Youth and Government: