Social Workers

School social work services are available to all students in Community High School District 218.  The school social workers serve as liaisons between the home and the school.  They also provide parental education and counseling as appropriate, in relation to student needs.  Referrals or requests for services may come from the student, parent, or school personnel. 


The role of the social worker within the school setting is to provide brief counseling and support to students who may be experiencing difficulties that interfere with their social, emotional, or academic growth, and are impacting their academic progress in a negative way.  Assistance may be provided in the form of direct contact with the student, with the parents, with school personnel, or with community agencies as necessary.


The goal of school social work services is to provide students with the emotional support necessary for academic and lifelong success.  Most services provided are short term.  If a student requires long term therapeutic services, the school social worker will work with parents and guardians to help connect with an appropriate community agency.


Please contact your student's social worker if you have questions about:

  • Counseling services available through Inspire - Hartgrove
  • Referrals to our district substance abuse program
  • Other social/emotional concerns for your child


An appointment system is set up in the Student Services Office in order for students to request that a social worker follow-up with them. 

Diane Mazor - Administrative Assistant - 708-597-6300 ext. 4775
Students are assigned to a certified school social worker based on the last name or the particular supports that they are receiving.
A-E   (Gen. Ed)     Johnique Davis, MSW            ext. 4483
A-G  (Special Ed)
Self-Contained Program
F-N   (Gen. Ed)     Toyia Miller-Peters, LCSW     ext. 4439
H-M  (Special Ed)
O-S  (Gen. Ed)      Aida Maravillas, LCSW          ext. 4481
N-Z  (Special Ed)
MID/BUILD Programs
T-Z    (Gen. Ed)     Curry Gallagher, MSW           ext. 4440 
Cardinal Community