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Madeline O'Brien 708-597-6300 x4055
If you would like to be involved in creating the 2021 Yearbook, please contact Mrs. O'Brien


We work to create 'The Crest', a student publication covering the best of the year from our students, staff and community.Yearbook focuses on the planning, creation, selling and distribution of Eisenhower High School’s Yearbook.  The finished product is completely student-generated. The fundamentals of yearbook journalism include coverage of the year’s events, writing story copy, writing captions, creating sidebars, and photojournalism. Yearbook design includes creating aesthetically pleasing layouts, using enhancing graphics, and effectively using color. Integral to yearbook journalism is developing and carrying out a theme, both verbally and graphically, that suits Eisenhower High School. Yearbook meets weekly on Wednesdays.

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