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Allison Foley

Hello! My name is Ali Foley and this is my 8th year as a Counselor at Eisenhower High School.  I did my Undergraduate B.S. in Psychology at the University of Illinois, Urbana/Champaign, and my M.A. in School and Community Counseling at Saint Xavier University.  I have the pleasure of working with students with the last names Martinez - Ramos.  I also oversee the Freshmen Advisory/Freshmen Connections Programs that focus on helping our students transition to high school.  If you have any questions/concerns about your student or their schedules, the Freshmen Connections Program, or Operation Snowball, please do not hesitate to contact me in any of the following ways:, 708-597-6300 x4769, and if I am not in the office, through the google voice number of 708-953-8031.
School Counselor
Last names Martinez-Ramos
708-597-6300 x 4769
Freshman Advisory/Connections
Operation Snowball Sponsor
Freshmen Classroom code: fgrygve