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Sarina Kledzik: General Information

Educational Background: I have completed my undergrad at Trinity Christian College where I received my BA in English and Secondary Education.  I have also completed two Masters programs  in ELL/Bilingual Education/Reading.  I am the sponsor of Drama Club, direct the Fall Play and co direct the Spring Musical.  I am proud alumni of district 218 since I am a graduate of Shepard High School and this is my 9th year working at DDE.  I am proud to work in this amazing district and I am excited for the 20-21 school year.
Mrs. Kledzik's Contact Info::
Google Voice: 708-529-9885
Mrs. Kledzik's Schedule:
Period         Class         Google Classroom Code  
1st               Theater      4clbxlq
2nd              PLAN
3rd               English 1   n4niimk
4th               English 2    ds7m6kg
5th               Lunch
6th               English 2    gcirp7k
7th               PLAN
8th               English 2   o2olfhd
Remind Codes:  text 81010
1st: Theater Performance @8he6aa       
3rd: English 1   @ccag92f
4th: English 2   @g282g3
6th: English 2   @g2ke48
8th: English 2    @abcbgb    
Meet the Teacher Loom Video for Film/Literature
Meet the Teacher Loom Video for English 1 and 2
Meet the Teacher/Parent Teacher Conferences Zoom Link
Extracurricular Activities:
Drama Club Sponsor
Director of the Fall Play
Co-Director of the Spring Musical