Dwight D. Eisenhower High School

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Jermaine Durning

Course taught
English III and African American Literature
Planning periods
National Honors Society Sponsor
Educational Background
BA, Michigan State University English Education
MA, Saint Xavier University in Teaching and Leadership
MA Concordia University in Educational Technology

Grading Plan


Grading Scale                                               Grades are weighted

A…....90-100                                                  common unit assessments………65%

B…….80-89                                                     quizzes/projects…………………..….20%

C…….70-79                                                     class work/homework………………15%


F.....59 and below




  • Students are encouraged to complete all assignments on time. Consequently, no late work will be accepted and a 5 point deduction per day will be given to late projects and essays. Late work will only be accepted 1 week after the due date.
  • All quizzes and test may be retaken after attending one required tutoring session and the higher grade will be recorded. However, students must complete all pre-work such as essay outlines, study guides and story annotations in order to redo an assignment.
  • Finally, you will not be able to revise any assignment that is turned in late.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to obtain missing work by accessing the class google page or the skyward assignment drop down feature
  • Missed tests/quizzes due to excused absences must be completed upon the students return to class or will be scheduled during testing center times.


Electronic policy

The classroom is a place for learning. The use of electronics during instruction represents an unacceptable disruption to the learning environment. Therefore, all forms of electronics should be turned off and out of sight unless instructed otherwise. If used during class the phone will confiscated and a referral written.


Honor Code

Education is a privilege that should be cherished. Every class offers you a unique opportunity to learn and improve your skill set. Whenever you turn in work that is not your own, or share information, you are in fact robbing yourself and others of learning. This is wrong. There are no short cuts in education. Real learning is a process that takes time, hard work and repetition.

In this class, you are expected to learn by doing your own work. Therefore, cheating will not be tolerated. Both you and the person you collaborate with will receive an automatic zero and a referral will be written. Based on teacher discretion, you may be offered a one-time only opportunity to resubmit the assignment for 1/2 credit.

Cheating and plagiarizing is a serious offense. Please heed this warning. If you are struggling with an assignment, talk to your teacher about extra help or extended deadlines.