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Mrs. Antoniazzi

Mrs. Antoniazzi's
2020-2021 Class schedule
Period  Class Name
Google Classroom icon
Google Classroom Code
1 Plan  
2 Spanish for Native Spanish Speakers 2 dhilwec
3 French 1 o4n4qmq
4 Spanish for Native Spanish Speakers 2 oxesbdq
5 Lunch  
6 Spanish 1 ygaucal
7 Plan  
8 French 1 6ksfabm
Contact Information:
email icon
Email: Email icon
Google Voice Icon Google Voice:Bitmoji Image
 (Call or Text) ‪(219) 706-3192‬
Remind Icon Student Remind codes:half listening
 Spanish for Native Speakers 2: @sns2dde
French 1: @fr1dde
Spanish 1: @sp1p6dde
Office hours Office hours:video chat
Wednesdays will be used for the following:
Quiz make-up
CUA make-ups tutoring
Time: follow the school bell schedule for your class period
Zoom link found on Google classroom, Call me on Google Voice, or Send me a text using Remind (code on GC)
zoom icon  Zoom Class link for instruction (by period)Bitmoji Image Can be found on the Google Classroom page by period and subject
Other Courses taught in the past:
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French 3
French 4
AP French
Spanish 1
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Spanish 4 Honors
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